Access Virus Ti2 Polar Keyboard Synthesizer and Bag

Access Virus Ti2 Polar Keyboard Synthesizer and Bag
The Virus TI2 Polar Keyboard Synthesizer was designed as the ideal companion to any DJ or project studio. A compact and slick-looking 37-key keyboard the Polar features side panels which are a mix of wood and pure aluminium. It also boasts white LEDs which add class and style. But of course the Polars sound engine is exactly that used in the powerful and versatile TI Desktop and Keyboard models.

This keyboard comes with the TI Polar bag for you to carry it around with! Click on the links below for MP3 demos of the Access Virus TI2: This demo song features one Virus TI2 and drum samples from Sample Magic and Xfer Deadmau5. Most of the background motion you can hear is tape delays with automated delay time and feedback. Everything went straight from the TI into Izotope Ozone which was used to compress the mix and add loudness. Steampunx is a breaks oriented demo not holding back on bass and fat lead sounds. All tonal sounds including the FX were made with one Virus TI2. Most of the drum sounds and loops can be found on Sample Magics Breakbusters library. A Quality Keyboard Synthesizer The Virus TI2 Polar Keyboard Synthesizer boasts premium quality semi-weighted keys and loads of tactile control including a tap tempo button. It is a performers command station. The TI2 delivers fantastic performance with its studio-level pro grade D/A converters and balanced outputs. You can process other instruments by feeding them through the Virus sound engine using the analogue inputs to open up a completely new level of interaction with your band members. Three Main Oscillators and One Sub Oscillator Per Voice A main oscillator can comprise of various oscillator types including the classic virtual analog oscillators (saw variable pulse sine triangle 62 spectral waves with several FM modes) and hypersaw (a multi saw-tooth oscillator with up to 9 stacked oscillators 9 sub oscillators and sync oscillator at the same time). Wavetable oscillators with 100 multi-index wavetables feature variable resolution and optional pulse-width modulation. Graintable oscillators apply granular synthesis techniques for independent control of pitch and formants to warp a waveform beyond recognition. Formant oscillators sound like running a signal through a massive modulatable filterbank with hundreds of resonant bands being morphed by the wavetable index. Two Fully Independent Filters The TI2 features two fully independent filters (lowpass highpass bandpass bandstop) with an optional saturation module located in between both filter blocks. The saturation module can add one of several distortions and lo-fi effects or an additional low/- high-pass filter. Optional self-resonating Moog cascade filter simulation with circuit overload and 1-4 poles. Two-Dimensional Modulation Matrix with Six Slots 1 source and 3 modulation targets each. Every feasible parameter can be modulated in realtime. Three LFOs with additional hardwired destinations along with one user-definable slot. Two lightning-fast multi-stage envelopes (ADSTR) – LFOs can be used as ramp generators as well. Explore the FX Section The FX section has independent delay and reverb per patch (even in multi mode) along with multiple distortion/lo-fi algorithms phaser chorus/flanger character control ring modulator/shifter EQ plus a global vocoder. There is no difference between single and multi modes – patches sound exactly the same. Arpeggiator Each patch contains its own arpeggiator pattern featuring 32 programmable steps (length and velocity can be adjusted per step) along with a global control for swing/shuffle timing and one for note lengths. Pretty much every parameter including the pattern itself the amount of octaves and many more can be controlled using the modulation matrix. I/O 6 balanced outputs (+4dB) backed by 192 Khz/24bit D/A converters with soft-limiting. Two inputs with 24-bit A/D. Dedicated headphone out. MIDI in out and thru. S/PDIF digital audio (44.1/48 kHz) inputs & outputs. USB is used for MIDI and audio transmission (adding 3 additional stereo audio outputs) and works at 12Mb/s. Other Great Features: Surround sound Output: Every part can be panned dynamically between two stereo outputs for quadraphonic effects. Hardware controls: 32 knobs 43 buttons 73 LEDs and Pitch/-Modulation wheel if applicable. Polyphony: Between 25 to 110 voices* depending on the complexity of the patch. *_Estimates are based on single mode performance results may vary in multi mode. Multi Mode: Multi programs can have fully-independent embedded singles without the links to single banks required by most synths. This provides freedom from breaking other programs. Memory: 1024 RAM and 3328 ROM sounds 16 embedded multi patches along with 112 conventional multi slots 16 parts in multi mode. Click on the link below for Virus Ti Technical Specifications: Comes with an Access Virus TI2 Deluxe Polar Bag The Access Virus TI2 deluxe Polar bag is a durable padded gigbag that is perfect for taking your Virus TI2 Polar on the road to a gig or to the studio. Carry it using the cushioned handle with velcro lock the adjustable shoulder belt or on your back with the two shoulder straps. Two outer pockets include a padded pocket for laptop storage and an additional pocket for cables and accessories. The Polar bag is made from durable polyester with high quality zippers and has 25mm of padding with a soft lining to protect your synth. Stylish embroidered Access Music logo Made from durable polyester High quality zippers 25 mm (0.98 inch) padding with soft lining 1 outer pocket with padding for safely carrying any Laptop 1 outer pocket for cables and accessories 3 rubber feet for slip protection Cushioned grip with velcro lock Adjustable shoulder belt with carabiner 2 shoulder straps to use the bag as a backpack High quality metal fittings for the shoulder belt Compatible with Virus TI – and Virus TI2 Polar Virus TI Polar Whiteout Edition (Darkstar) Virus Indigo Dimensions: Width: 63cm / 24.8″ Height: 40cm / 15.75″ Depth: 18cm / 7.09″ (not including front pockets) Access Keyboards-and-Pianos P7F

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